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PSTX SOFTSTARTERS: Packed-Full of Solid Features

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and ABB are offering PSTX Softstarters for water/waste-water facilities.  The PSTX Softstarters are designed to make it easier to program complex pumping systems and eliminate common problems associated with motor starting and stopping. This includes electrical surges, spikes, and high inrush currents.  The Softstarters also offer lower energy use and reduce wear-and-tear on motors and connected mechanical equipment.

The PSTX Softstarters is a new addition to ABB’s all-in-one compatible drive portfolio.  For ease of use and efficiency, each drive in the portfolio is meant to work together as is easily integrated.

Features & Benefits:

  • Secure motor reliability
  • Designed to keep your pump and pipes clean by reducing build-up.
  • Improved safety with dynamic “flux” braking
  • Customizable with 17 pre-installed languages
  • Application productivity and reliability

The PSTX Softstarters offer complete motor protection in a single unit and can handle both load and network irregularities.  PT-100, earth fault protection, and over/under voltage protection along with many other functions, keep motors safer.  PSTX also offers three types of current limits: standard, dual, and ramp, which provides full control of motor(s) during “start,” as well as allows you to use your motor in weaker networks.

The ABB Softstarter is no “softy” when it comes to providing the latest advancements in motor control and protection.

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