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Reduce Risk with Grace’s Permanent Electrical Safety Devices


ByClayton Larson

LPS Series – Pre-Engineered Shunt Trip POWR-Switch from Littelfuse


Contributing author: Shannon Evans, Channel Marketing Coordinator at Grace Engineered Products, Inc.

Grace Engineered Products is dedicated to increasing electrical safety and maximizing productivity with their line of Permanent Electrical Safety Devices known as GracePESDs®. These Voltage Indicators, Voltage Portals, and Safe-Test Point™ devices aim to do just that.

Voltage Indicators by GracePESDs® visually represent presence of voltage with flashing or non-flashing redundant LED lights. Typically hardwired to the load side of disconnect, Voltage Indicators illuminate whenever hazardous voltage is present in any individual phase. The standard R3-W is a one-size fits all solution that detects 3-phase AC/DC voltage from 40-600VAC or 30-1000VDC.

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Voltage Indicators by GracePESDs® improve the task productivity by providing qualified maintenance workers a no-touch voltage verification on the outside of grounded metallic enclosures. Voltage Portals provide the means to perform the measured voltage test from outside the cabinet through the use of a Non-Contact Voltage Detector (NCVD) pen without the risk of being exposed to arc clash or shock hazards.

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Safe-Test Point™ is a PESD that allows workers a safer way to verify presence or absence of voltage from outside the electrical cabinet. The Safe-Test Point™ contains four test point jacks that are hardwired directly to energy sources and allows measurement of both AC and DC voltages by inserting the insulated meter probes into any two test point jacks to take a voltage reading.

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To learn more about GracePESDs® download the Grace eBook HERE or contact your Standard Electric Supply Co. account manager. Visit or call 1-800-776-8222.

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