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Rittal’s Hygienic Design Enclosures: Guaranteeing Facility Safety

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and Rittal are offering Hygienic Design Enclosures that enable the food and beverage industry to proficiently meet the numerous safety directives, regulations, and guidelines placed upon them to ensure the public consumes only fresh, long-lasting, and hygienically safe foodstuffs. Since contamination must be avoided at all costs within the food and beverage industry, the Rittal Hygienic Design Enclosures are posed to remove harmful microorganisms from the production environment. From enclosures that can withstand frequent washdowns on the factory floor to the IT infrastructure in data centers, Rittal has the right solution to protect systematic controls and electronic equipment. Rittal’s Hygienic Design Enclosures keep water from getting into control enclosures and cabinets, as there are no gaps between the enclosure body and door due to the all-round silicone seal. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Internal hinges eliminate hard to clean areas
  • Durable seal stands up to aggressive cleaning agents
  • Blue color helps distinguish it from food particles
  • Seals are easily replaced in minutes
  • Seals are non-porous, non-absorbent, and unaffected by food products
  • Reliable/dependable productivity

Rittal has become known for providing “The System” for hygienic production in the food industry, where it is vital for the production plant to be equipped with optimized enclosures, terminal boxes, and command panels.

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