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Rittal – Hygienic Design Enclosures: Solution for Maximum Hygiene Concerns

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and Rittal are offering stainless steel Hygienic Design Enclosures.  They provide the ultimate solution to the medical/pharmaceutical industry where cleanliness and sanitation are paramount concerns.  They are available with either screw covers for smaller and integrated applications, or hinged doors for larger installations.  These enclosures enable the medical/pharmaceutical industry to uphold its commitment; to maintain and protect public health and safety through the production process.

Features & Benefits:

  • All mounting threads are concealed to keep them free of debris and contaminants
  • Optional stainless steel cable glands have smooth, solid exterior surfaces and are self-sealing to enable high-pressure washing
  • Continuous silicone seal door gaskets can be easily replaced without special tools
  • Blue gaskets align with a specifically engineered fitted channel for a tight seal without any adhesive
  • Shorter cleaning times while using less water and fewer chemicals
  • Reduced downtime for maintenance
  • Significantly reduced risk of contamination
  • Available to NEMA 4X specifications
  • Optional stand-off wall mounts and leveling feet

The infographic defines the Basic, Medium, and High Hygiene Zones as well as outlines what specific considerations you should keep in mind for specifying systems and enclosures.


To learn more about Rittal’s Hygienic Design Enclosures, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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