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S300 P - Next Generation of Industrial Miniature Circuit Breakers

ByJacob Diker


Standard Electric and ABB are proud to announce the release of the S300P Miniature Circuit Breakers. These breakers are a UL1077 supplementary protection, similar to the ST200M line, but with a few added physical features, as well as a full 10KA AIC rating for the full .2 to 63A range. The ST200M product will still be available, and all accessories will be interchangeable.

Discover a new level of performance, efficiency, and safety with the S300P Miniature Circuit Breakers.


  • Fully compatible with existing System pro M compact® accessories
  • Easy and quick replacement of old S200P
  • Wide range for many different applications & functions


  • Updated terminal design supports larger cables, up to 35 mm²
  • New tool-free dual DIN-rail clip for easy removal of the device, even when mounted on busbars
  • One module width, in combination with built-in auxiliary contact, to save installation space


  • Simple access to product data and documents via QR code
  • New Trip Position Indicator (TPI) to identify tripping events (e.g. overload, short-circuit)
  • Increased impulse withstand voltage and lower internal resistance for improved safety and energy efficiency thanks to reduced power loss


  • Worldwide usability with global certifications
  • High level of 25kA of overcurrent and short circuit protection
  • for the complete MCB range (0,2A - 63A)
  • Best-in-class technical features for improved robustness and safety

Fully compatible with the existing ABB's System pro M compact® accessories, the S300 P ensures reliable protection in demanding applications such as industrial applications, commercial buildings, data centers and e-mobility by reducing downtime and increasing service continuity. Additionally, the new generation S300 P offers new functionalities. including the Trip Position Indicator (TPI), the Dual DIN-rail clip, and a QR code for quick access to documentation, certificates, and technical data.

To learn more about the S300P Miniature Circuit Breakers, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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