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Safe-Test Point: High Impedance Protected Device Note


ByCody Bohl

Contributing author: Shannon Evans, Channel Marketing Coordinator, Grace Engineered Products, Inc.

Grace’s Safe-Test Point™ is a high impedance protected device with the primary purpose of indicating presence and absence of voltage. The Safe-Test Point™ contains four test point jacks that are hardwired directly to energy sources and allows measurement of both AC &DC voltages. By safely inserting properly rated and insulated meter probes into any two test points, qualified personnel can measure both phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground for reliable energy verification.

Installation of a Safe-Test Point™ allows for the performance of Absence of Voltage Tests from outside an electrical cabinet. By following proper safety procedures, the risks of arc flash or shock hazard is significantly reduced.

While combining the Safe-Test Point™ with the R-3W voltage indicator, an additional indication of voltage presence or absence can be incorporated into a facility’s Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) program, increasing qualified personnel safety and productivity.

The voltage indicator provides a redundant verification and visual representation of voltage absence and presence from outside the door. In addition, the voltage indicator provides the indication of a blown fuse and/or phase loss in the circuit.

It is recommended to install the dust cap on the R-3MT for each installation. The dust cap provides tool access for qualified personnel and helps keep dust and contaminants away from the individual test points.

For a sample procedure, follow the steps below:

  • 1) Verify the test instrument is calibrated and properly rated for application.
  • 2) Verify the test instrument to a known voltage source.
  • 3) Verify there is voltage illumination on the voltage indicator.
  • 4) Open the dust cap and insert the test instrument probes into the test point and measure the voltage between phase to phase and phase to ground to verify voltage presence.
  • 5) Open Isolator.
  • 6) Verify there is no LED illumination on the voltage indicator.
  • 7) Re-insert the Test Instrument probes into the test point and measure the voltage between phase to phase and phase to ground to verify voltage absence.
  • 8) Re-verify test Instrument to a known voltage source.
  • 9) Upon completion of work, close the dust cap on the test point, close isolator, and verify proper operation of voltage indicator.

Where safety is a top priority in your workplace, try out the Safe-Test Point™ to keep your workers safe and help save time.

To learn more information and specifics about the Safe-Test Point™, download the STP Datasheet.

For a real-life example of how the Safe-Test Point™ can save time, review this manufacturing plant case study.

If you have additional questions, contact your Standard Electric Supply Co. account manager or call 1-800-776-8222. See our full line of Grace's products on our website.

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