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Schneider Electric: All the Industrial Products for Medical & Pharmaceutical Processes


ByLauren Willman

Standard Electric and Schneider Electric offer the latest industrial products for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry.  Effective management of medical and pharmaceutical facilities is critical to produce medicinal products of consistent quality to ensure and safeguard the public’s health and safety. Schneider Electric helps you build an efficient and safe environment with a broad range of products and solutions to effectively meet your needs. The following information succinctly explains how Schneider Electric’s diverse solutions support you on this critical mission.

Safety and Hygiene
The operator interface is one of the surfaces that is most touched in a production facility. Harmony XB4 and XB5 push buttons enable you to create a safe and hygienic working environment. Our pushbuttons are resistant to extreme temperatures (-40…+70 °C) and are resistant to dust and water (IP69, IP69k) so that they can be cleaned thoroughly. Our core range of Harmony push buttons is resistant to the following cleaning agents:

  • Acidic cleaning agent
  • Alkaline cleaning agent
  • Ethanol
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Alcohol (<40% for illuminated selector switches)

Process Control
Process control is essential to creating highly productive facilities that produce products of consistent quality. Schneider Electric provides a wide variety of Automation Relays that help you achieve this essential criterion. Harmony relays are designed and tested to meet your needs for both wired logic functions and PLC Interfaces:

  • Harmony Control Relays:  To monitor and detect abnormal operating conditions. They can also control liquid level and process operating rate
  • Harmony Timer Relays:  To time events in industrial automation systems by closing and opening contacts before, during, or after a set period
  • Harmony Electromechanical Relays:  These relays help to reduce the size of enclosures and at the same time increase machine reliability
  • Harmony Solid State Relays:  Experience high switching frequency for precise and quick control, long lifetime, and silent operation

Preventing Downtime
Providing the correct visual feedback to operators in a medical and pharmaceutical environment will help prevent unnecessary downtime. Our core range of XVU Stack Lights & Sound Modules creates a productive environment with a “clear call to action” for its users.

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