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Smaller is Better: Telemecanique New XUM Sensors

ByLauren Willman


Schneider Electric proudly introduces the Telemecanique “new XUM” Miniature Sensors.  In a world that emphasizes slogans and words like “bigger is better,” “super-size it,” “super glue,” etc., there are times when the opposite is true, and that time is NOW! 

The new XUM Miniature Sensors are the “best sensing” photoelectric products currently available, as they offer high-level performance, and are resistant to interference. Details of the Telemecanique Photoelectric Sensors are listed below:

  • Detect at distances up to an industry-leading 30m.
  • Anti-interference mode allows side-by-side mounting of 2 sensors.
  • Highly immune to bright environments, detecting even in 40k lux sunlight and 10k lux incandescent lamp light.

To learn more about Schneider Electric’s Telemecanique Photoelectric Sensors or their complete line of sensors, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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