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Why a Techman Cobot is Right For You

ByGriffin Buckley


The United States finds itself in the early stages of exploring the benefits of collaborative robots, but already these machines are making a huge impact on applications in assembly, pick and place, packaging, and automotive.

Market research projects substantial growth with 134,000 units to be sold by the year 2025, making this an up and coming multi-billion-dollar market.

Advantages of Using a Techman Cobot

  • Built-in Vision System
    • Reduces time to market
    • 5-megapixel color camera
    • Pattern recognition, bar-code reading
  • 1/3 the Price of a Standard Robot
    • Cost-effective
  • Small Footprint
    • Easily movable to new pedestal locations
  • Versatility
    • Works well with tedious, repetitive tasks and ergonomically unfriendly applications
    • Reprogrammed to new tasks with ease
  • Easy to Program
    • Cobot can be moved into a position and programmed point to point
Safety Measures Cobots, unlike traditional robots, prioritize safety, allowing you to program and work side by side in a collaborative manner. When a cobot is running and detects a collision, its safety features require the machine to stop moving and hold until resumed. Combine this with a cobot’s vision system, and Techman Robot delivers a sophisticated and intuitive labor addition to your production line. More Information

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