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Telemecanique’s XCSR Contactless RFiD Safety Sensors

ByGriffin Buckley


With the XCSR contactless RFiD safety sensor from Telemecanique employers provide the highest level of safety-certified protection in dangerous work zones.

Each tamper-proof safety sensor is designed with a unique code, making it impossible to bypass or alter once put in place.

By offering three different connection types(standalone, series, and single), Telemecanique accommodates almost any industrial environment.

Standalone: The standalone model safety sensor allows direct connection to contactors, integrating safety functions, such as monitoring of the contactors and manual or automatic start and restart functions.

Series: The series model allows direct connection to a simple safety relay and series diagnosis through a diagnostic module with no programming software needed and already integrated M12 series connectors.

Single: The single model safety sensor allows point-to-point connections to a safety controller.

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