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WAGO Pro2 Power Supplies: More Power for Control Cabinets

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and WAGO are offering the Pro2 Power Supply Line. The units range from 120W to 960 W,  and set new standards for communication and parameterization flexibility. It also offers energy conversion efficiency up to 96.3%. The expansion of the WAGO Pro2 Power Supply Line also permits fieldbus communication via snap-on type communication modules and feature high-performance TopBoost and PowerBoost capabilities.   

The Pro2 continues to provide its familiar features such as reliability, cost-savings, and safety. By using a power supply unit to monitor the power supplies to drive technology, it significantly increases the fail-safety of a specific application. The power reserves of the subordinate power supplies are also ideal for start-up and sudden load changes.

Features & Benefit:

  • Intelligent load management
  • High resistance from environmental influences
  • Money and resource savings
  • Communication pioneer
  • Easily adaptable for nearly any application

The WAGO Pro2 Power Supply portfolio includes a model with a protective coating that protects against oxidation by corrosive gases, salt spray, and humidity for operations in harsh industrial environments.  Furthermore, the power supplies provide reliable operation at vibrations of up to 0.7g.

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