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Wireless Machine Monitoring – the SCADA Alternative


ByDan Giebel

Contributing author: Janina Klaiber, WERMA USA Inc.

Very often a SCADA or MES solution is a cost-intensive investment that not only provides very detailed machine data, but also comes with high installation and training costs, license-fees, and time-consuming installation programming processes. SmartMONITOR, from WERMA, is a plug and play solution using a stack light as the interface to collect reliable data from machines and manual processes that can immediately identify weak spots and unproductive time. SmartMONITOR provides all of the relevant data for machines, systems, and manual workstations easily at the touch of a button

On the production floor, there are several different types of machines of different age and manufacturers which can pose a challenge. Networking all the machines to get compiled machine data for analyzing purposes and having a transparent and complete overview can be very challenging and require a high labor skill.

As a solution, stack lights visualize the current machine condition to allow for an immediate reaction. By adding a wireless transmitter to the stack light, the machines can be wirelessly networked to collect reliable machine data. This data can be analyzed in the license-free software to make production processes more transparent and to initiate improvement processes.

Benefits for the customer include:

  • Identifies and documents faults and unproductive time
  • Reduces response time and prevents downtime
  • Provides relevant and reliable data
  • Wireless-based retrofit Plug & Play Solution
  • Reports generated for productivity improvements
  • Notification via E-Mail and Text
  • Status can be displayed on any PC /monitor
  • Escalation process for quick reaction


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