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All the Pieces You Need in One Convenient Kit

ByJulia Jaskie


Are you in need of a handy kit that will help you ensure reliable connections when terminating conductors into screw clamp terminal blocks? It sounds like you need the Sta-Kon® ferrule and installation kit.

The ferrule kit includes 3,400 Sta-Kon insulated ferrules divided among eight different styles. These ferrules are a preferred alternative to twisting strands or tinning wires ends before terminating into a terminal block.  Their design helps prevent fraying and breaking wire strands, which will minimize the possibility of unreliable connections. They also help protect conductors from breakage due to bending, wire stress or vibration, while facilitating wire insertion into a terminal block camp.

The ferrules are made from thin walled, tin-plated, high-conductivity copper tube that is then mechanically crimped onto the end of stranded wires. And using them is simple – just strip the wire, slide on the ferrule and crimp!

The Sta-Kon ferrules also meet emerging global standards that require wire-to-metric-style terminal block installations to be terminated with a pin-style terminal.

Also included in the kit:

FER9500 ferrule crimping tool

  • Ergonomic crimping tool that features convenient integrated range-taking dies
  • Will crimp any Sta-Kon ferrule within 0.14–10mm2/26–8 AWG range without changing dies
  • Provides UL listed crimps on a wide rage of Sta-Kon ferrules
  • Range-taking design eliminates the need to identify the proper die or nest, minimizing the risk of mistakes or improper crimps
  • Full-cycle Shure Stake® crimp mechanism ensures a reliable crimp when used according to instructions

ERG1-WS stripping tool

  • One tool for both stripping and cutting
  • Strips a wide range of insulations
  • Automatically strips wire to a preset length

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