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Build Reliability into Your Factory Floor Infrastructure

ByJulia Jaskie


Are you aware that there is a downside of Ethernet standardization? The use of open, standards-based communication technology has made it easy to connect the plant floor to enterprise systems resulting in many business benefits. And while the adoption of common computing and networking platforms has reduced costs such as network maintenance, administration, and labor expenses, too often office-grade cable is being used in industrial and harsh environments. This jeopardizes uptime and safety and can cost organizations far more than what they “saved” by installing commercial cable in demanding environments in the first place.

Belden offers a wide range of high quality, high reliability DataTuff® Industrial Ethernet and fiber cables, connectors, tools and accessories.

Most DataTuff cables feature Belden’s Bonded-Pair technology, a patented cable construction which affixes the conductor insulation of the cable pairs along their longitudinal axes to ensure that no performance-robbing gaps can develop between the conductor pairs.

  • No gaps between the conductor pairs means that the conductor-to-conductor spacing, or centricity, is always uniform.
  • With a uniform centricity, the cable offers excellent and consistently reliable electrical performance.
  • Installable Performance® is achieved - the affixing of the insulation of the cable pairs and the uniform centricity translate to superior electrical performance, even after the cable has been subjected to the bending, pulling and twists inherent in the installation process.

To make installation of your cables even easier, Belden offers Industrial REVConnect RJ45 connectors that deliver a faster, simpler, universal cable termination solution, complete with a unique insulation piercing mechanism. Built specifically to withstand exposure to harsh elements in the field, Belden’s Industrial REVConnect RJ45 connectors are ideal for use in any industrial application requiring an easy-to-use field-termination solution.

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