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WHITE PAPER: Single Pair Ethernet in the Industrial Field

ByJulia Jaskie


All intelligent equipment uses sensors and actuators and they can be connected over one common network. The data they capture and convey to the data center for analysis and prediction is vital. But with this many sensors and actuators to accommodate, space, packing density, costs, infrastructure, and ease of installation and service become all the more important. Proprietary and legacy fieldbus systems including Profibus, AS-Interface, Modbus, CANOpen, DeviceNet, CC-Link, and IO-Link are generally too bulky or resource intensive for the best Industrial Process implementations. Remember, complexity breeds cost. Space in control system layout is not unlimited. Order and structure and reliability with these legacy systems are not what it should be. Now, we are on the cusp of reversing that entropy. Two wires, a single twisted pair, are enough.

To read Belden's complete white paper discussing single pair ethernet in the industrial field , click here

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