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The Only Solution You Need: Label Your Entire Electrical Panel with Brady

ByJulia Jaskie


A few months ago we told you about the BradyJet J1000 printer. Designed to help you streamline the intricate process of marking electrical components, the BradyJet Industrial printer will help you lower costs and increase reliability. The J1000 includes a disposable ink cartridge with a fully integrated printhead that will print and dry in seconds on over 1400 different terminal block makes and models.

The printer also comes with Brady Workstation Product and Wire Identification Software, allowing you to create your own terminal block tags and share data across a variety of applications.

What’s even better? The Brady Workstation Software works with other Brady printers, including the i3300 and BMP61, Brady’s portable printer. In combination, the J1000 and the i3300 or BMP61 allow users to print all terminal markers and wire markers at one time. Now you have a one-stop solution for labeling your entire electrical panel. Not only will this save you time when labeling your panel, but if you run into any issues, you won’t have to be relying on a variety of different customer support contacts. Standard Electric has a Brady Product Specialist on staff ready to assist with anything you need.

Want to learn more about the Brady J1000 Printer? Check out our Hot Products video from February where Paul Sanford, Standard Electric’s Brady Product Specialist, highlights the J1000.

To get schedule a virtual or in-person demo of the J1000 printer, click the button below and Paul will be in touch.

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