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FactoryStudio powered by FrameworX: The Affordable Platform with Limitless Possibilities

ByJulia Jaskie


Used to develop scalable solutions for a host of industries, Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio 9.1 powered by FrameworX enables users to design industrial applications to address their unique perspectives and needs from edge-based data migration apps, to fault-tolerant redundant enterprise server systems. FactoryStudio powered by FrameworX was designed with a series of building blocks allowing the solution to be crafted and tailored using state-of-the art technologies like SQL, Microsoft .NET, HTML5, MQTT, and more. The release of version 9.1 builds upon the powerful, open, flexible, affordable, and secure FrameworX platform.

What’s New in Version 9.1

  • Responsive Dashboards  
  • Themes
  • MQTT Broker, Client & SparkplugB
  • Visual SQL Query Builder
  • High Performance Graphics Symbols
  • Python Integration
  • Project Templates

Powerful Development And Design: Complete tools for you to create what you need.

  • Easily create rich user interfaces for rich, thin, web or mobile clients
  • Flexible Scripting and Data Binding to build real-time applications
  • Fast, Secure and Robust designed into the FrameworX Platform
  • FactoryStudio: Unlimited by nature, yet Scalable by I/O and Clients to fit your needs, simple to advanced SCADA/HMI, IIoT Edge and Gateway all built on Tatsoft’s FrameworX

FrameworX is a fully-integrated development environment including everything you need to create industrial applications right out of the box. It comes standard with graphical symbols and components, plc drivers, OPC UA, MQTT as well as a Built-In SQL database and more. Security, Alarms and Alerts, C#, VB.NET, Python, JavaScript, Audit Trail everything, Tools for Diagnostics.

Any Type of Client Or Device: Deploy to/access from Desktop, Web, Mobile, or Edge Device

  • Run on any version of Windows, Linux, iOS, Web, Raspberry PI
  • One Designer to create applications for desktops, mobile, and embedded devices.
  • Flexible deployment modules may be run in a distributed environment

Complete - Powerful - Cost-Effective

FrameworX is an affordable software platform for creating real-time applications to improve industrial operations, with flexible pricing and licensing to meet your needs. It includes all the tools you need in one complete offering.

  • FrameworX Unlimited – Includes unlimited Clients, Connections and Developers. Built-in drivers, SQL, OPC UA, MQTT and more
  • FactoryStudio – Scalable by I/O and Clients, simple to advanced SCADA / HMI, IIoT Edge and Gateway all built on Tatsoft’s FrameworX

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