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Our Ties Matches All Your Outfits… On Your Plant Floor

ByJulia Jaskie


As a food and beverage production facility, you make a promise to your consumers: that you’ll hold yourself to the highest standards for safety, and make a product that is always safe for consumption. Breaking that promise can have dire consequences, including recalls, product loss, production line stoppages, damage to your reputation, in addition to the financial cost.

That is why it’s essential to partner with the experts.

HellermanTyton was the first in the industry to create specialized, detectable cable ties for the food and beverage industry. These ties are essential to creating a safe wire management system in your facility.

Why Use HellermanTyton Cable Ties?

HellermanTyton’s expertise in specialized cable ties is your best assurance of contamination traceability and visibility to prevent expensive loses.

  • The majority of HellermanTyton’s detectable materials comply with the FDA as specified under Title 21 of the CFR.
  • Their high-grade materials are impregnated with metal particles for X-ray and metal detection; polypropylene floats to the surface of liquids for easy visibility; ETFE, PVDF and stainless steel for chemical resistance and ease of cleaning.
  • The flexible wire protection products install easily and help to prevent damage during washdown operations.

More specifically, HellermanTyton’s Metal Content Ties meet all these specifications, and were designed for the food and beverage industry. They also meet the standards set by the Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Metal Content Ties are nylon-based with metal content dispersed throughout the head and strap, allowing any part of the tie to be identified by metal detectors or X-ray inspections, reducing the risk of contamination. Their industry-standard blue color also assists with visual detection and reduces the risk of contamination.

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