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How Standard Electric's Partnership with supplyFORCE Benefits You

ByDawson Gebelein


We recently interviewed Dan Knapp, P.E., LEED AP, Standard Electric's Director of Sales in Southern Wisconsin. He talked to us about how Standard Electric works with supplyFORCE and what that partnership means for our customers. 

What is your role at Standard Electric and what do you specialize in?

I am the director of sales for Southern Wisconsin. I lead the supplyFORCE and Standard Electric Supply Co. relationship to ensure we are growing our national account business as well as meeting the operational tasks that go into these contracts. 

Can you summarize what supplyFORCE is and how it works with our customers?

Standard Electric Supply Co. is a proud owner and member of supplyFORCE. supplyFORCE delivers multi-category MRO solutions for companies through our network of distributors. This ensures that each of our customers receive the highest levels of service and support at the lowest total cost. supplyFORCE also allows customers to consolidate agreements and leverage their spending for both planned and unplanned purchases.

What are the benefits of supplyFORCE that customers should know about?

First, when a customer is headquartered outside of our service area, we can still provide our outstanding service and support at the local facilities within our territories. We can also help customers drive efficiency and lower costs by utilizing the buying power of larger suppliers. Another benefit is that customers can maintain their relationship with us which allows them to maintain the value-added services we provide like Vendor Inventory Management, Enclosure Modifications,24/7 Engineering Support, and more.

supplyFORCE helps customers streamline their procurement with a single point of contact to handle orders, web catalog, invoices and reports while the customer consolidates their purchasing agreements and vendors. Finally, supplyFORCE is the one source for all your needs: electrical components are not the only MRO product category they manage. They also manage other categories such as Power Transmission and Bearing, Industrial and Safety, Pipe Vales and Fittings, and many more. This is why I believe supplyFORCE is your best option when pursuing a national contract for your MRO needs. Please give me a call (414-272-8100) or email me below today to learn more.

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