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Part 1: HPS Drive System Solutions – from Start to Finish

ByJoanne Moss


When it comes to variable frequency drives (VFD’s) there are so applications and environments where they can take performance to the next level. Increased efficiency, better process control and reduction in the wear and tear of your equipment are just a few. But they are not without their drawbacks.  And these concerns, if not properly mitigated, can cause some huge headaches later.

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) has developed a solution that does just that. Specifically, HPS’s line  side drive solutions address power quality issues such as harmonics on the line size and reflected wavelength on the load side. They also mitigate power quality issues that can cause nuisance tripping.

Line Side Drive Solutions

HPS TruWave™ Active Harmonic Filter  

A flexible and complete solution for harmonic mitigation, the HPS TruWave™ Active Harmonic Filter will solve harmonic issues caused by non-liner loads such as VFD’s.

What it does:

  • Monitors load current
  • Responds to power systems distortions immediately
  • Injects a corrective current to cancel the harmonics produced

What do you achieve?

Reduction in harmonic distortion to below 5% complying with IEEE-519 recommendations.

HPS Centurion™ R Line Reactor

A UL listed input line reactor that will:

  • Minimize harmonic current
  • Attenuate voltage and current harmonics to reduce voltage notching
  • Reduced overall current distraction
  • Allays drive nuisance tripping

When added to the HPS TruWave™ Active Harmonic Filter the system can reduce harmonics from VFDs to under 5% THD.

Want to see the complete line of drive solutions offered by HPS?  First, DOWNLOAD the BROCHURE. Then click here to reach one of Standard Electric’s Technical Specialists.

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