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Part 3: HPS Drive System Solutions – from Start to Finish!

ByJoanne Moss


Part three of our blog series featuring the complete line of Drive Solutions from Hammond Power Systems (HPS).

Load Side Drive Solutions

HPS Centurion R Load Reactor

The HPS Centurion™ R load reactor addresses many common drive issues as well as providing a U.L. listed solution. Additional features are:

  • Reduces the motor’s operating temperature & audible noise
  • Lessens motor bearing failures and insulation damage as a result of the reflected wave phenomenon
  • Augments the general performance and life expectancy of the motor

dV/dT Filter

Delivering protection for motors by lowering the rate of voltage increase, the HPS dV/dT filter also diminishes the peak voltage that occurs at the motor’s terminals as well as on the cables feeding the motor. How? By combining the harmonic current limiting ability of an AC line reactor plus a resistive capacitance circuit that forms a damped, low pass filter.  HPS dV/dT filters are specifically designed for drive/motor applications with long lead lengths (usually where the motor cable length is 100 feet and greater).

Want to see the complete line of drive solutions offered by HPS?  First, DOWNLOAD the BROCHURE. Then click here to reach one of Standard Electric’s Technical Specialists.

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