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Your Renewable Energy Solution Partner: Hammond Power Solutions

ByJulia Jaskie


The Hammond Power Solutions team has hundreds of years of experience that can be applied to your magnetics needs. What does that mean for you? No matter where you are in the renewable energy market, HPS has a solution that can be tailored to your needs. They offer the broadest variety of transformer and reactor solutions for the often-difficult applications that are found in the renewable energy market.

Whether you need a standard transformer or reactor, or something custom built, Hammond Power Solutions has the experience and the expertise to provide a magnetics solution that will fit your needs.

What HPS Offers


The HPS Centurion® R Reactors provide a unique blend of performance and reliability, while at the same time reducing your reactor’s footprint. The wide variety of available reactors means that whether you need a reactor that can handle different frequencies, low losses, or integration into an assembly with a step-up transformer, HPS has a product that will meet your needs. 


HPS offers three phase autotransformers that are frequently used as an economic alternative to three phase general purpose distribution transformers. These are used when applications require adjusting the supply voltage to match specific load requirements when load isolation from the supply line is not required. They can be used as either step-up or step-down transformers.

Distribution Transformers

Do you have applications where voltage adjustments are necessary between a solar generation system and utility service? The HPS Sentinel Solar Duty transformer is just one solution offered by HPS for energy efficient, low voltage distribution transformers. And if you’re working in remote locations and need rugged equipment that will withstand temperature and moisture extremes, HPS can design a custom quality product to fit your specific needs.

Medium Voltage Transformers

When it comes to difficult applications or environments that are typical for the renewable energy market, HPS has decades of experience designing medium voltage power transformers. HPS offers a wide variety of dry-type VPI and Cast Coil products. And dry-type transformers come with several benefits compared to oil transformers.  These includea lower fire risk, fewer environmental contamination concerns, proven insulations systems for high ambient temperatures and lower installation and maintenance costs.

For more information on the renewable energy solutions offered by Hammond Power Solutions, download their Renewable Energy Solutions Brochure here.

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