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Make Big Brother Work for You: Remote Monitor the Person to the Problem

ByJake Polzer


Ready to streamline the efficiency of your field service organizations through intelligent scheduling and guaranteed notifications? Meet CFSWorX by ICONICS.

With an easy-to-use map overlay, the CFSWorX allows organizations to see exactly where their field service workers are at all times. When an alarm or fault is triggered at a nearby site, CFSWorX determines the proper worker for the job based on their location, schedule, availability and skill level, then sends a notification to the field worker’s mobile device for immediate action.

Using real-time monitoring and notifications, integration with other systems, alarms and escalation, and an audit trail, ICONICS CFSWorX enables greater communications, efficiencies and productivity. It empowers field service workers and maintenance personnel to move past the legacy break/fix model towards more proactive facilities and equipment management. This enables organizations in any industry to reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Here are some of the advantages of using the CFSWorX:

  • Reduced downtime amongst workers
  • Faster and more efficient communication
  •  It optimizes resources used
  • Allows field workers to work more efficiently
  • Works with ERP, CRM, and Directory Services

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