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Finding the Right High-Speed Fuses for Your Application with Littelfuse


ByJulia Jaskie

The POWR-SPEED® series of high-speed fuses is engineered to safeguard sensitive semiconductor devices, which require superior overcurrent protection. With over 550 models, these advanced fuses are available in a range of case sizes, ratings, and mounting options.

The POWR-SPEED Difference

Design engineers have trusted Littelfuse power protection expertise for over 30 years. You can count on receiving complete technical data and application support, making it easy to specify POWR-SPEED high-speed fuses. Plus, with a broad range of ratings and styles available, POWR-SPEED gives you the flexibility to drop-in replacements for competitor semiconductor fuses.

  • Speed: Designed to provide fast, extreme current limitation
  • Performance & Efficiency: Optimized for both
  • Reliability: Advanced construction prevents sand leakage
  • Low Watt Loss: Saves energy wasted during operations

Choosing the right POWR-SPEED High-Speed Fuse for You

POWR-SPEED PSR Series square-body fuses are specifically designed for protection of power semiconductor devices such as diodes, TRIACs, IGBTs, SCRs, MOSFETs and other solid-state devices that are typically designed into power conversion and power conditioning equipment.

POWR-SPEED PSX Series high-speed fuses are extremely fast-acting and offer high-speed performance up to 1500 V dc. Ranging from 80 A to 1400 A in the smallest NH XL package sizes on the market, these fuses and are available flush-end style, DIN-style and bolted-blade style mounted terminations. Plus, visual blown fuse indication is standard on all fuses and optional micro-switch is available for external indication

POWR-SPEED QS Series round-body fuses are designed with high-performance silver fuse elements, which combine with a hardened silica filler to provide enhanced system protection.

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