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Power Generation Failure Protection from Littlefuse

ByJulia Jaskie


Thermal and electrical overstress – that’s what you must worry about when it comes to major failures in Power Semiconductor devices. But what can you do to prevent such failures?

Littelfuse POWR- SPEED high-speed fuses were specifically designed to include the short-circuit characteristic that are necessary to protect semiconductor devices, including low energy let-through, low peak current, low-arc voltage, and high heat dissipation. High-speed fuses are the only type of circuit protection divide that can protect them from overcurrent faults due to their low energy let-through characteristics.

POWR-SPEED Fuses that are ideal for the power generation market include:

  • PSR series: These 1300Vac / 1000Vdc square body fuses offer the best-in-class DC performance, superior cycling capabilities, global certifications, and a low watt-loss design. They are available in 40A – 2000A current ratings
  • PSX series: These 1500Vdc square body fuses are specifically designed to protect DC applications including Battery Energy Starters, inverters, rectifiers, and regenerative drives. Littelfuse can achieve a 200kA interrupt rating for 80A to 1400A current ratings in the smallest package size on the market.

But Littelfuse offers well more than just high-speed fuses for the power generation market!

  • UL Fuses: Littelfuse manufactures a complete selection of UL Class fuses for protecting electrical systems and personnel. Fuses include innovative features such as indication and improved productivity, while enhancing the safety of systems.
  • Fuse Blocks & Holders: OEMs and product designers select Littelfuse fuse blocks and holders because of their compact designs, indication features, and the flexibility of DIN rail mounting.
  • Arc-Flash Protection Relays: The Littelfuse arc-flash relays can detect a developing arc-flash incident and send a trip signal to interrupt power before significant damage occurs.

Want to learn more about the Littelfuse Industrial Product Portfolio? Click here for more information.

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