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Rittal’s TS8: The Perfect Fit for your Needs

ByNathan Amonett


When it comes to finding the right enclosure for your job what works for one company may not work for another. With that in mind Rittal created the modular TS8 enclosure series.

Rittal knows that flexibility is crucial for manufacturers. Moving away from unibody enclosures gives you the ability to find an enclosure that caters to your product or facility. While unibody enclosures are limited on their industrial and manufacturing applications, modular enclosures can allow customers to pivot when necessary.

Rittal’s modular enclosure design, production and employment can be adjusted to fit a wide assortment of manufacturing needs. This flexibility allows you to change course and react to the changing market and industry variables. By offering flexible options modular enclosures allow companies to plan for the future however far out that may be.

The TS8 Modular Enclosure series from Rittal offers a diverse set of applications ranging from automotive to food and beverage.  TS8 enclosures come in a variety of sizes and modification options that can be perfectly implemented in numerous projects. Specializing in panel building, low-voltage switchgear, and mechanical engineering the TS8 Series offers ultimate durability in the harshest of environmental conditions and is suited to fit your HVAC needs. With interchangeable panels and simplified installations TS8 enclosures can help you save on inflated operational costs.

Not only do modular enclosures assist factories and warehouses looking to capitalize on their space, companies can cater to their individual needs while also getting the most out of the tools at their disposal. This flexibility paves the way for production programs such as EPLAN and promotes flexibility via the potential for integration into Industry 4.0-driven production processes. The ability to easily modify, swap, or alter panels allows for automation features such as touchscreens, and real-time monitoring. Finally, IoT-enabled electronics digital alerts and notifications, touchscreen interfaces, and mobile integrations and apps, climate control solutions such as Rittal’s Blue e+ line of cooling units helps plant managers and engineers monitor and adjust cooling outputs and temperature levels with more accuracy and precision.

With flexibility and durability at the forefront Rittal’s TS8 Modular enclosures lead the way in giving you the power to complete your job your way.

To learn more about the Rittal TS8 Series of modular enclosures, watch the video below:

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