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Lock Down Your Plant’s Safety with Euchner

ByJulia Jaskie


Euchner, the leading manufacturer in RFID safety interlocks and bus compatible safety solutions, has developed innovative safety solutions designed for the beverage and food industry.  

The food and beverage industry requires reliable components that handle the elements of the environment, high safety integrity, high resistance to defeat and advanced technology allowing the user to monitor the status of the sensors. That is where Euchner’s RFID safety interlocks fits well in the industry’s needs and demands.

Introducing the CES-C07

The CES-C07 is an RFID non-contact safety interlock designed to be used on guard doors where the hazardous motion stops immediately. It is Cat 4/PL e, IP69 rated with LED indication on all sides to provide clear visibility of the interlock status. Additionally, it is easy to connect with an M12 connector on the switch, available either with 5 Pin or 8 Pin. The M12 8 Pin version is designed to allow the wiring of multiple CES-C07s in series and the M12 5 Pin is designed to wire each CES-C07 to its own dual inputs.

The CES-C07 can be wired to any manufacturer safety controller / safety PLC if the safety controller / safety PLC accepts OSSD outputs. If you are using IO Link on your machine, and require data at your fingertips, the CES-C07 can be wired to the Euchner ESM-CB. The ESM-CB has dual functions:

  1. It stops the hazardous motion
  2. It relates pertinent machine safety data to the IO Link Gateway

The ESM-CB allows for multiple CES-C07’s to be wired in series and know the status of the door, miss alignment, how many times the door was opened, voltage drop, serial number of the actuator, and other relevant data that OEMs and users require.

The CTM is our newly released RFID locking switch that is compact in size, designed to be used on guard doors where the hazardous motion takes longer to stop and locking of the door is required. It is up to IP69, Cat 4/PL e rated with LED indication on all sides to provide clear indication of the interlock status. It has an M12 8 Pin connector on the switch that allows it to be wired in series with other CTM and CES-C07 interlocks or individually to its own dual inputs. Same as the CES-C07, the CTM can be used with any manufacturer controller that accepts OSSD inputs or if IO Link is required it can be wired to the ESM-CB with other CTMs or CES-C07s.

Y connectors and passive distribution modules are available for ease of wiring the CES-C07 and CTM in series. (LINK FLYER)

For any further questions on any of the above products reach out to Standard Electric or our Safety Application Group [email protected].

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