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Part 3: How to Become More Intentional About Sustainability as a Business Practice

ByJoanne Moss


In this 3-part blog series, we will explore sustainability in our industry, our own commitments, and opportunities to adopt your own practices.

Sustainability is a growing priority in the industrial marketplace. Having it as a business priority might be a novel concept but it is increasingly a normal expectation from buyers and manufacturers alike. Developing a policy for your company does not require an environmental science degree. With a few thoughtful discussions, a list of goals, and some good old-fashioned common sense, you can implement a sustainability practice that will make a positive impact!

Here are a few suggestions on how to start.

Start small. Make a list of all the ways your company can operate in a more environmentally friendly way. Maybe that means identifying a box for your team to put their recycled papers or investing in a reusable water bottle to cut back on plastic consumption. Whatever it is, work on it throughout the year and see it through to completion. Then adopt the next item on the list. As a management team, review the priorities, and as things evolve and change, keep adding new goals.

Find your champions and support the heck out of them. You probably have an employee or two who are passionate about minimizing your carbon footprint. Allow them to contribute and participate as champions for your sustainability efforts. You’re more likely to gain traction throughout your company when others feel like they have contributed to the big picture. Give these individuals the support and training they might need to inspire others and manage the effort. And then let them do it.

Remain fluid. Since March of 2020, the world has been a boot camp of adaptability to a changing society. Sustainability and environmental policies are constantly evolving, even as this is written. Stay open to new ideas and new methodologies. Your own priorities and expectations of sustainability will not always line up with your company’s but be open to having a conversation on what the goal is and what else can be done.

Be intentional. As you develop your sustainability plan, make sure it is incorporated into your company’s mission and value system. Have it as part of your training program, new hire information, and on your website. Mention it in your company communications and highlight and celebrate your achievements along the way. This way everyone knows that it’s not just a good idea, but an expected business practice.

Operating with responsible and sustainable business practices might seem daunting but as described herein, it all begins with a decision to make one small change.

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