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Pepperl + Fuchs Pulsar Lidar: A Smart Investment in Warehouse Safety

ByNathan Amonett


When you need to move large amounts of inventory, nothing gets the job done quite like a forklift. But it is still imperative that the operator has their eyes on their surroundings to keep fellow employees, inventory and even the forklift operator safe. With that in mind, Pepperl + Fuch created the R2300 3-D LiDAR Sensor utilizing Pulse Ranging Technology to give operators an extra set of eyes to keep everyone and everything safe.

The R2300 sensor is the pinnacle of Pulse Ranging Technology, offering the most precise distance measuring technology in Industry-grade processing.  Its four-scan plane Sensor produces a virtually 3-D scan offering optimal and reliable detection no matter the surface. The R2300 sensor can be used in a wide array of warehouse settings ranging from being mounted on forklifts to automated carts and pallets.

R2300 3-D Lidar specifications include:

  • Four scanning layers with visible pilot laser
  • Uses photoelectric sensor capable of following the user at a defined distance.
  • Forklift mountable
  • Collects advance data on load density and distribution.

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