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PULS UB40.241: Backup Power Ranging from Minutes to Days!

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and PULS enthusiastically announce the availability of the new UB40.241 40A rated DIN-Rail mounted controller for uninterruptible power supply systems. This new model is now the most powerful UPS controller in PULS’s range of products which already includes a variety of models currently providing up to 20A capacity.  

In combination with a 24V DC power supply and an external battery pack, the UB40.241 enables the reliable bridging of power failures and voltage fluctuations.  Since the PULS UB40.241 40A is exceptionally durable, it’s ideally suited for the pharmaceutical industry where recording process values like temperature and flow rates are precise and essential functions. The power supply controller prevents costly downtime, time-consuming restarts, system damage, and the loss of critical data.  

Incorporating a UPS controller in the data acquisition system prevents the loss of data thereby maximizing the yield of a given production run.  While the PULS power supply controller provides sufficient voltage, the DC-UPS controller will charge the battery bank.  In the event the supply voltage suddenly fails, the energy stored in the battery is immediately released to the DC bus in a regulated process preventing power failure. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Various battery diagnostic functions
  • Temperature-controlled battery charging
  • Operating temperature range from -25° C to +70° C
  • Extra 50% output power for up to 5s
  • No need to match batteries
  • Precise charging and testing
  • Optimized usage of battery capacity

The UB40.241 has various battery diagnostic functions, including an early pre-warning signal when the battery is low. This ensures the safe and reliable operation of the entire system. Charging the batteries is temperature-controlled, which also has a positive effect on the battery life. It also features a selectable buffer time limiter as well as the contacts "Ready," "Buffering," and "Replace battery."  For safety and maintenance reasons, an inhibit-input signal is included to enable phases without enforced buffering.

To learn more about PULS Power UB40.241 Power Supply Controller, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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