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Sick of Cleaning? Us Too. Let Rittal Help

ByJulia Jaskie


Did you know it’s estimated that 20% of each day at a typical food and beverage plant is spent cleaning equipment? That’s a big chunk of time – but it’s essential for keeping consumers safe.

Rittal’s Hygienic Design Enclosures were created to make your cleaning process easier.

How do they do it?

The roof of the Hygienic Design enclosures is slope at 30 degrees, preventing the pooling of liquids and ensuring that top surfaces are readily visible. The outside of the enclosures are also finished with a fine brushed surface to make it easier to clean.

Exterior features of traditional enclosures including locks, fittings, cable glands, wall mounting brackets and leveling feet can easily trap food particles and can be difficult to clean. Rittal has addressed these concerns by redesigning these critical features to allow for particle runoff and to make cleaning easier. For example, the leveling feet of the Hygienic Design enclosures have no exposed threads preventing food particles from becoming trapped, and thus making cleaning much easier. Rittal has also included wall mounting spacers instead of traditional brackets that can trap particles and liquids, allowing for easy cleaning behind the enclosures

In addition, gaps between a traditional enclosure body and door will also trap food particles and liquids. This gap has been eliminated on all Hygienic Design enclosures thanks to a silicone rubber gasket that is highly resistant to aggressive detergents, hot water and -water pressure. It can also be easily replaced in minutes when necessary.

Want to learn more?

Beyond Enclosures

Rittal’s Hygienic Designs goes beyond just enclosures, they’ve designed an entire system to manage your facility. The system includes:

  • Hygienic design control and monitoring, consoles, and support arms
  • Climate control outside of the hygiene zone: Rittal Chillers can supply the air/water heat exchangers in the hygiene zone and the LCP in the data center with the required cooling water
  • Air to Water Heat Exchangers: Keep your systems cool using in-house chilled water or Rittal water chillers. No more clogged filters or replacing dirty filters.
  • Hygienic Design Compact Enclosures and Terminal Boxes: All can be machine mounted with the HD system accessories
  • Edge Data Center: IT infrastructure for maximum computing power with short latencies, located close to the production
  • TS8 Enclosure System: Enclosures and climate control solutions for outside the washdown or hygienic zone.

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