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Consumers Tastes Change Quickly. Are You Ready?

ByJulia Jaskie


The tastes and preferences of consumers change rapidly when it comes to the food and beverage industry. Those constant changes mean that food and beverage manufacturers need the ability to adapt quickly, even when it causes production and process challenges.

By designing smart machines that can leverage the data being gathered to improve or adjust the business on the fly, food and beverage facilities can ease that burden. The key is creating machines with simplified wiring and engineering, enabling a more standardized approach.

Schneider Electric has designed two products that make this process easier: the Modicon M262 and TeSys island. These solutions allow easy configuration and cyber secure connectivity to the cloud with far less work and research being required to configure and connect these devices. With smart motor starters, controllers, and comprehensive open architectures such as EcoStruxure Machine and Plant, these products enable quicker recipe adoption, thereby enhancing overall plants agility.

Modicon M262: Edge Controllers Designed to be IIoT Ready

The new Modicon M262 controller is IIoT-ready for logic and motion applications. It offers intuitive, scalable and reliable machine integration into Industry 4.0 environment, machine to device, machine to human, machine to machine, machine to plant or machine directly to cloud.

The Modicon M262 Controller embeds cybersecurity features and encryption protocols to provide direct cloud connectivity and digital services thanks to its two ready-to-work and independent embedded Ethernet ports

Modicon M262 Controller is IIoT-ready, designed and delivered with intuitive direct cloud connectivity. No gateways are required. This enables OEMs to maximize profitability and optimize their time, from the design of performance demanding applications to the commissioning of the machine.

To pick the right M262 product for your application, take advantage of the EZ Selector on Standard Electric’s website. For questions on how to use the selector, contact your Account Manager.

TeSys island: A Digital Load Management System

TeSys island is the next generation of motor control that provides the ability to detect and resolve issues before the motor stops. Traditional motor controls are an effective means to respond to issues, but often result in an unplanned stoppage. Reduced production output, increased material scrap, and delays to other operations are a few obstacles to productivity and profitability for businesses and operations.  TeSys island provides insight to load performance, device health and much more, giving machine logic devices notice of potential issues before they result in a machine stoppage.

TeSys island not only provides enhanced visibility to performance, but also revolutionizes how motor controls are programmed, installed, and commissioned.  Functional digital identities, called Avatars, can be assigned to each controller according to its use or application, simplifying PLC programming and device setting configuration.  Control wiring is simplified to simple clicks of a single cable line.  Operation and maintenance interfaces help simplify commissioning and troubleshooting activities.

To pick the right TeSys island product for your application, take advantage of the EZ Selector on Standard Electric’s website. For questions on how to use the selector, contact your Account Manager.

Want to know how Schneider Electric’s solutions can assist your specific facility? Click here to learn about different solutions designed for the beverage, confectionary, dairy markets and more.

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