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Schneider Electric XX Wide Beam Ultrasonic Sensors: The Bloodhound of Detection

ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and Schneider Electric are offering the XX Wide Beam Telemecanique Ultrasonic Sensors that enable non-contact detection of various objects, shapes, textures, and colors, as well as numerous industrial complexes in the harshest environments. The XX Ultrasonic Sensors operate in diffuse, reflex, and thru-beam modes. This range of sensors even includes long-distance detection models. The integral connector and the available cabling, along with fixing accessories, make the sensors extremely easy to install. Additionally, the XX Wide Beam Sensor meets the specific needs of mobile equipment. It's designed to detect ceilings, beams, cables, cables, scaffolding, and other platforms and buckets when mobile equipment is lifting or rotating.

Features & Benefits:

  • E2-certified sensor for mobile equipment
  • An innovative design to cover a wider detection zone
  • Reliable detection of objects due to high repeatable accuracy
  • Ability to enlarge areas of detection using multiple sensors without cross-talk, with the synchronization function
  • Minus 40° C operating temperature range without degradation of sensitivity

This Wide Beam Ultrasonic Sensor conforms to CE, UKCA, cULus, and E2 certifications, as well as EEN/IEC 60947-5-2, UL 60947-5-2 and CSA C22.2 n° 60947-5-2 standards. A configuration cable XXZKITDM6 can be purchased separately. It allows the connection between the XX Wide Beam Sensor and a configuration interface. The XX configuration software makes these sensors easy to program. The sensor can easily be mounted on a flat surface, with 2 screws (4mm). It is supplied with 2 stainless steel inserts and 2 silicone washers.

Click here to download the Schneider Wide Beam Ultrasonic Sensors brochure for more information.

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