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Use OT Data to Drive Productivity

ByJulia Jaskie


Your operational technology (OT) products a lot of data. Are you ensuring that you are using it to your advantage?

With the HarmonyTM P6 Industrial PC, your facility’s OT connects to informational technology (IT), giving you digital control on the edge. Armed with this data, you can make decisions on the spot to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Each system is customized to your needs, from the display size down to the memory and storage capacity. Plus, all P6 models include:

  • Test and validated software, including EcoStruxure™ Secure Connect Advisory for remote connections
  • Node-RED, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Windows operating system for greater efficiency compared to wired solutions
  • Modern display for high visibility and operability
  • Enhanced security features from Achilles and McAfee

To learn more about how the HarmonyTM P6 Industrial PC can benefit your facility, click here to download the white paper from Schneider Electric, that details how a strong digital experience can drive your efficiency and productivity.

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