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Standard Electric Supply Co. and ABB Update PLC Lab at Purdue

ByMike Wojda


Standard Electric’s Technical Solutions Team member, Mike Wojda, recently completed the installation and setup of nine ABB ACS380 VFD’s with Ethernet/IP interfaces. The new VFD stations are configured to communicate with the PLC’s in the Training Lab at Purdue campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Lab Class Instructor Dave Miller, Lead Controls & Automation Engineer at Wagner-Meinert, asked Standard Electric Supply for help acquiring units for the Purdue PLC Training Lab.

ABB Drives, with the assistance of Regional Sales Engineer Bart Gettelfinger, recognized the need to expose future engineers to VFD concepts, and graciously donated the demo units for the Training Lab.

“Utilizing the concept of motor control in connection with PLC logic is a fundamental task for future technicians and engineers,” Miller said. Currently, class enrollment for the fall semester is full at 17 students, allowing groups of two to work on each lab station.

A big thanks to ABB Drives for the donation of the materials, and to Dave Miller for recognizing ABB Drive capabilities and training opportunities using VFD’s with PLC control for future projects.

For more information on interfacing VFD’s to PLC’s and VFD applications, contact Standard Electric Supply Co.

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