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Telmecanique Sensors are Designed to Support Your Material Handling Application

ByJulia Jaskie


Telemecanique Sensors by Schneider Electric is a comprehensive line of electrical sensors, designed to support your material handing applications, from detecting a solution for an automated storage and retrieval system to a conveyor system and more. No matter your application, Telemecanique Sensors has a sensor solution for you.

Three of the most common material handling machine systems are automated storage and retrieval systems, conveyors, and stretch wrappers. Take a look these examples of how Telemecanique’s sensors can be used for each application.

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems:

  • XS Cylindrical Inductive: Verifying the table position to validate the movement authorization
  • XCKW Wireless Limit Switch: Battery-less switch for detecting the compartment where the lift stops
  • XCC Encoder: Detecting the transtorage unit position in front of a pigeonhole before picking up or depositing
  • XUM Photoelectric Miniature: Verifying the presence of load on the table
  • XUK Photoelectric Laser: Distance measurement for translation travel
  • XG Radio Frequency Identification: Traceability of bins in the warehouse
  • XS Rectangular Inductive: Detecting an overtravel


  • XUM Miniature Photoelectric Sensor: Detecting the passage and presence of packages with background suppression
  • Preventa XY2 Emergency Stop: Emergency stop cable switch
  • XUSL4M Safety Light Curtains with Muting: Efficient detection of machine operators with uninterrupted automation processes
  • XUB Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensor: Detecting the passage and presence of packages using a reflector
  • XUY Roller Photoelectric Sensor: Integrated, between-the-rollers detection of the passage and presence of any object
  • XUW Vision Sensor: Quality checking of the packages
  • Preventa XCSR RFID Safety Sensor: Shuts down the machine if the door opens
  • XX Ultrasonic Sensor: Detecting the passage and presence of objects regardless of their color, shape or orientation
  • XG Radio Frequency Identification: Traceability of packages in the warehouse

Stretch Wrappers:

  • XUK Laser Photoelectric Sensor: Distance measurement to the pallet
  • XX Ultrasonic Sensor: Detecting end of film reel or film breakage
  • XCMD Miniature Limit Switch: Detecting the end of positions
  • XUX Photoelectric Sensor: Detection of package overhang
  • Preventa XUSL Safety Light Curtains: Monitoring access of persons to hazardous zone(s) of the machine

Need more details on Telemecanique’s sensor options, and how they would work for your material handling application? Read more here.

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