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Where Aesthetic Design Meets High Performance: WAGO Touch Panel 600

ByErin Roddy


Bringing high-tech screens and high-quality visualizations, WAGO’s Touch Panel 600 line allows users to add advanced features to their machines. These high performing touch panels are made for demanding control and visualization tasks to improve the overall operability of machines and systems in an advanced and aesthetically pleasing design.

Benefits and Features of Touch Panel 600 Line:

  • Cortex A9 multicore processor engine that provides fast operating speeds
  • On board security include a built-in firewall and VPN
  • Equipped with the future-ready Linux operating system
  • Support HTML5 technology

The Touch Panel 600 line includes three versions (Control Panel (PLC and HMI all in one), Visu Panel (local graphic hosting) or Web panel (industrial web browser)) to give users flexibility to use the right technology to suit their unique application and budget.

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