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You Need a Techman Cobot… Here’s Why.

ByJulia Jaskie


Do you need the reliable and consistent labor provided by robotic manufacturing, but need it to fit in a human-centric workplace? It sounds like you need a cobot!

Cobots, or "collaborative robots," are fitted with safety sensors to allow robots to work independently or in conjunction with humans - without the need for barriers.

The Techman Robot is a powerful and essential cobot, tackling many of the issues that manufacturers run into with tedious and monotonous jobs. It allows workers to take a step back and focus on other tasks that can increase revenue and streamline production.

Here are the top five reasons that you need a Techman Cobot.

Shareable Workspaces

Techman Robots are built to share workspace with humans and operate collaboratively opposed to most independent industrial robots. This eliminates the need for expensive fencing and guarding systems that can be found with other robotics.

Programming and Installation

Cobot programming has never been easier with Techman's TMflow and manual positioning. The built-in vision system allows the cobot to perform orientation and inspection tasks, seldom performed by robots.


The Techman Robot is not a stagnant permanent feature of your production cycle. Each cobot is conveniently portable in order to transfer to different areas of your facility. With a variety of end-of-arm tooling options, your cobot can be placed in a new environment to perform a new task quickly.

Repetitive Tasks

Cobots were designed to combat monotonous tasks that lead many humans to strain or injury over a period of time. The ability for cobots to repeat tasks with little to no wear and tear, makes Techman's Robot a valuable addition to any workspace.

Increased Productivity

When monotonous tasks are occupied by cobots, this gives an opportunity for workers to perform more productive tasks that create higher output and returns.

To learn more about the Technman cobot, watch the video below featuring Jon Herrity, a Business Development Specialist with Standard Electric.

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